GWG Product Brief:

GWG Equipment Maintenance System (hereinafter 'GWG') is developed & owned by Shanghai Rockbay. This application had been designed on requirements of the modern concept & management theory in equipment management and plant maintenance. This application provides a full range of maintenance process & theory support, like Total Productive Maintenance(TPM), Total Life Cycle Management, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA).

GWG concentrated on plant maintenance & equipment operating status management. Our application provided wide accepted description on equipment & status, we had master data like functional location, equipments, parts, FMEA records, maintenance bill of material etc. We also designed various maintenance process in our application and make it as data warehouse for Business Analysis. To support Lean Manufacturing in your organization, the GWG application supports Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) on equipment management & plant maintenance. As powerful system tools & maintenance consultancy service Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), We help the maintenance owner to improve their equipment performance, approaching zero accidents, zero downtime, zero speed losses, zero scrapes.

The application could record every failure, incident, maintenance, status checking, and all related information. We had definition some standard report & chat for query & analysis, also for data mining. GWG application is fundamental toolset & service on equipment management & plant maintenance.

System Functions:

  • Equipment Profile and Structure Facility & Factory
  • Plan & Work Order
  • Maintenance Processes
  • Parts Inventory
  • Analysis & Report


  • 应急维修流程
  • 纠正性维修维护流程
  • 不断改进维护流程
  • 项目-设备改造维护流程
  • 预防性维护流程
  • 预测性维护流程


  • 实现维修业务流程的标准化
  • 简洁,快速的台帐和结构管理、表达
  • 降低设备的故障率及停机时间
  • 实现全面生产维护(TPM),支持精益管理(Lean Management)
  • 提供全生命周期的设备管理


  • 上海通用汽车有限公司
  • 北盛汽车有限
  • 东岳汽车有限公司