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Our business was founded by experienced IT professionals. Our consultant had supplicate practice on Enterprise Application implementation in wide industries, High Tech, Merchandise & Distribution, Automotive, CPG, Metals. They had successfully introduced & severed customers at least 5 years.

We committed our customers with completed service & solution on Enterprise information system planning, implementation, and consulting. RockBay had developed web base next generation Enterprise Operations or Execution Application, like Equipment Maintenance, Shop Floor Control, Engineering Data Management, Measuring & Special Tools Management. These applications was accepted by our customers on manufacturing & asset intensive customers. We also provide solutions for service industry, like software development control, company expense control & claim applications.

Our software is based on Service Oriented Architecture, It drives business concentrated service & flexible application integration in our customers organization. We had high qualification professionals as our system architect, project manager, programmer. We had proven & supplicated project management methodology to support our generic business modules, base class library & operations application development, like issues & problems solving application, etc.