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Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library.

Design is thinking made visual.

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  • Perfect for modern startups
  • Built with ease-of-use at its core
  • Quality design that is meant to last
An 2B SaaS connected more elements & layers

Our technology contributes to efficiency improvement and model innovation

Benefit from technology

You will find more & more element with configurable model in whole SaaS life cycle, from architecture, design, implementation then operation Efficiency give you more time & flexibility on concentration of own policy


Subscription user or Trail User

Individual Organization

We classify organization into WHO I WORK,WHO I SERVE

Customization data elements

We offer tailor made field elements on data records, object elements


content text is vital on any business terms or key for Smart Contract


content text is vital on any business terms or key for Smart Contract


Rule for Dynamic data elements combination or access


Token generator on risk value on supply chain model, or Smart Contract

Multi Language

Enable multi language on Desc Content and Screen Fields and translation by open community

Dashboard & Data Extract

System Integration

System architect on serverless assumption,it could be a separate system with one data model


Normal authorization with subscription, and data compliance also audit trail on database record & system action


Smart Guidance or step by step notifications