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Hot My Dear, New launch - digitization & tokenization

i will help you cultivate bonds between your products and your customers

In the new COVIC-19 pandemic, Our launched NEW NORMAL connected workplace and marketplace to help you adapt to the economic NEW NORMAL, impacted by apidemic. Today, We help you working remotely, monitoring your supply chain, and connecting with various channel.

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Selling everywhere everyone, Marketing everywhere everyone

SeeMe2 provides the company with a complete, multi-accessdigital platform

Unified price and marketing activity monitoring platform

Various promotions and price strategies combined with specific channels or activities for immediate response

Multiple market access digitaltools

a QR code or data exchangecan be doneimmediately, whenthe planningsalesmarketing activities are formed.These can be displayed on your website then connect the market, or leverage with other technical tools, such as channel on social media, third-party e-commerce or live broadcast tools.

Focus various businessor functions on value chain

Weobserve the critical elements on the value chain such as risks and intellectual property rights, beside monitor the sales and marketing activities. It is good way to integrate after-sales platforms and various resources for VIP members on one platform too.

move ERP to new digital workplace & marketplace

Rockbay had on ERP functions and model on various ERP & SCM area, first plant maintenance rebuild as industrial products market place with after sales or spare parts management. And more will come

design enabled SaaS programming platform

Beside new digital workplace & market place SaaS platform, Rockbay had a completed solution include UX/UI design to code in house application (in dev), and centralized APIs architecture